One Bug Can Ruin You

Commercial pest control

One little bug could ruin your brand and reputation.
We understand how hard you work for your brand and how quickly it could be tarnished. That’s why protecting your reputation is important to us and critical to your success. We eliminate pests, not just control them. And we’ll provide you with the information you need to keep infestations from occurring. In today's electronically connected world, there is no room for error. Your customers won’t tolerate it, and are quick to share their experiences through social media sites such as facebook and yelp. The sight of pests suggests unsanitary conditions to your guests, and that's exactly what they’ll communicate.

We only serve restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and educational facilities. “Why?” you may ask.

Because we know nobody can be the best at everything and we have chosen to be the best in your industries.

With Vector Stomp, you can be sure you're protected from pest related threats.

You’re Our Specialty





Pest Control Treatment Programs

  • Vector Stomp has developed a pest elimination program that is specifically designed for the foodservice industry. A pest-free environment is a necessity for your success. We have invested a great deal of time and money into developing our restaurant pest control program in order to eliminate the most common pest related threats to your restaurant.

    Our restaurant program consists of:

    *Regular inspections and treatments of your facility with reports after each visit.
    *The most effective technologies to reduce your pest risks.
    *Strategies to prevent infestations and recommendations for correcting conditions that may cause pests.
    *More value with combined programs that include insect control, rodent control, and fly control.

    When evaluating your facility, we’ll tailor our restaurant program to fit your needs. Considering factors such as structural conditions, sanitation conditions, and environmental pest factors all combining to give us a relative likelihood of your pest risk. Your service plan will include both the interior and exterior of your restaurant.

    With Vector Stomp, you’re protected from pest related threats.

    We cater to your industry, which is why we provide some of the following additional services to better meet your needs:

    Anti-Microbial Misting
    Pheromone Monitoring
    Temperature Modification - Heat Treatments, Cold/Freeze Treatments

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