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Why Hire Pest Control Service In Sycamore?

There are many benefits to hiring Vector Stomp as your ideal Pest Control Service in Sycamore Illinois, Dekalb Illinois and the surrounding area instead of trying to get rid of the pests yourself or instead of hiring a national or regional chain pest control company. 

Going Local


Box Chains vs. Local Businesses                  

Studies show 38% more money stays 
in your community when you shop local.

  • Throughout the US, only 33.6% of revenue
    from national chains is put back into the 
    community. However, local businesses put
    64.8% of their money back into the local economy.
    Wow, that's huge! 33.6% vs. 64.8%

  • A study conducted in Austin found that $100 spent at a local bookstore resulted in $45 dollars worth of economic activity produced in the local economy, while $100 spent at the chain Borders resulted in only $13 dollars going back into the local community. Wow, that's huge! $13 vs. $45 

  • A study conducted in Michigan found that $1 million spent at local restaurants generates $900,000 in local economic stimulus and produces 15 jobs, meanwhile chain restaurants only bring $600,000 to the community and produce only 10 jobs. Wow, that's huge! 
    10 jobs vs. 15 jobs and $600,000 vs. $900,000

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