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Environmental Program Consultant at Vector Stomp pest control 

At Vector Stomp, the environmental program consultant has a very important job.  This individual knows the importance of living and working in a clean and toxin-free environment. The environmental professional also knows that the health and well-being of many clients depends on his/her expertise. 

Pest control methods used by Vector Stomp are some of the most advanced methods available. The products and methods used are effective and quick. The environmental program consultant is responsible for making sure these methods are always up to quality standards. 

Vector Stomp offers monitoring services for clients that help determine which pests are present. Our program consultants are knowledgeable about which insects and rodents live in certain conditions. This helps the rest of the Vector Stomp team provide pest control insight to homeowners and business owners. 

Our program consultants also provide tips for how to get rid of pests naturally. For instance, there are certain spiders and larger insects that can prevent smaller bugs from ruining plants and flowers. Certain plants also act as natural repellent for insects who don't prefer the smell or taste of the plant. Changing the temperature of the home or business and humidity levels can also effectively repel pests or eliminate them. 

Our program consultants are also responsible for inspection of the home or business. This means checking for cracks in the walls or loose floorboards that make it easy for pests to enter the home or business. Other structural issues with the home or business can also provide openings for rodents to come inside. Vector Stomp provides a detailed inspection that lets homeowners and business owners know exactly which repairs should be made to reduce the infestation of rodents and insects.

Vector Stomp's Home Pest Defense Program gives customers year-round protection from pests. Our program includes protection from 30 types of pests and is guaranteed to work. This is particularly appealing for families who have just welcomed a new baby into the home. The Home Pest Defense Program can also benefit families in which one or more members suffers from allergies and may react negatively to certain pests. 

Specific treatment offered by Vector Stomp include bed bug extermination and prevention. The company promises to eliminate bed bugs or they will come back for free.  Customers won't have to worry about discarding expensive furniture that has been affected by the bed bugs. Vector Stomp also offers mosquito control for homes and businesses as well as practical tips to homeowners and business owners to prevent mosquitoes from breeding, such as removing all standing water from containers. 

Why US 
We're not the biggest so we try harder


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We try harder because we don't have a giant advertising budget like some very large pest control companies. We gain work through word-of-mouth, not simply through advertising. We depend on our good pest control reviews. 



You're Unique

We customize all of our pest control services to satisfy the specific needs of each of our customers. Whether it be home or commercial pest control, every bug (pest situation) is unique and requires special attention in order to eliminate the pest problem as quickly as possible.  Ants, bed bugs, roaches, fleas, wasps, bees, mice, rats, spiders among many other bugs create new and unique situations over and over again.



Your Environment

Your environment is our environment and it is important to us. We use the lowest impact products whenever possible. All of our pest control products are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. We practice integrated pest management (IPM) in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible. 


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